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Current platforms supported
Linux ARM x32/x64
Linux Intel x32/x64
OSX Intel x32/x64
Windows Desktop Intel x32/x64
Windows Store ARM/Intel x32/x64

To build the SDK
BSD: bash, perhaps a perl module or two
Linux: bash, build-essentials package
Linux (ARM): a perl module or two
OSX/iOS: Xcode command line tools
Windows: Visual Studio 2010-2017 (with updated OS)
Android: TBA

To use the SDK you must be able to
make defines, include and link files, using
Free Pascal
or other language that can link

Low level, "surgical strike" PDF toolkit

Complete low level PDF access - no limit to what you can do

Create, edit, optimize, import, export, fully deconstruct PDF's

Simple low level API to PDF objects

You build the SDK from scratch using 100% open source libs

Our ÜberBuild utility can build it for you

A serious tool for serious coders

Pre-compiled binaries and assistance is available

Let me code it for you - contact Joe C. Hecht

Download ÜberBuild with ÜberPDFsdk


best for Unix Like systems - 299,311,992 bytes


best for Windows systems - 300,813,053 bytes


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