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The low level "surgical strike" PDF toolkit™
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TJoe Codes - Reasonable Rates - PDF - Printing & Graphics - C++ Delphi®

Linux® OS X® Windows® Create - Edit - Optimize - Import - Export - Full PDF Access Plus+ Login

For Delphi® Lazarus C++Builder® Visual Studio® Xcode® and GCC

Über Dude
ÜberPDFsdkPlus+ Makes it easy!

  • Early Access to SDK Updates
  • Exclusive Advanced Features
  • Priority Support Consideration
  • Clear Commercial Licensing Available
  • Valuable Snap-Ins
  • Additional API's
  • New Language Bindings
 ÜberPDF™sdk Plus Is Ready To Run! Plus Is Ready To Run!
  • Pre Built 
  • Installer Based
  • Smaller Downloads
  • Single Line App Setup
  • Zero Config
  • ÜberPDF™ 2.2
  • All Source Included

Plus Has Objects!

Get results fast with:
  • Easy Interface
  • Auto Complete
  • Code Lookup
  • Enhanced Debugging
  • Native String Support
  • Faster Compile Times

 ÜberPDF™sdk Plus Has Objects

 ÜberPDF™sdk Plus Has Exclusive Examples!

Plus Has Exclusive Examples!

Access our growing collection of IDE based examples for:
  • C++Builder®
  • Delphi®
  • Lazarus
  • Visual Studio® Desktop, Universal & IoT

Featuring our LibCalc™ auto static linking system (compiler specific)

Plus Has Enhanced Documentation!

Find what you need fast!
  • Faster Navigation
  • Fully Indexed Hot Links
  • Cross Referenced
  • Locally Installed
  • Extra Content
  • Helpful Hints
  • Time Saving Tips
  • Exclusive Tricks
 ÜberPDF™sdk Plus Enhanced Documentation

 ÜberPDF™sdk Plus Comes In Flavors!

Plus Comes In Flavors!

Install what you need - only where you need it!
  • Visual Studio®
  • Unix® 
  • OS X® 
  • Microsoft Windows® 
  • Arm® (very small)
  • Dynamic 
  • Source Only
  • Make your own flavor!

Add Sprinkles from our Huge Snap-In Collection!

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