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The low level "surgical strike" PDF toolkit™
Embarcadero Technologies Raspbery PI Code 4 Sale, LLC

Let TJoe code it for you! - PDF and Graphics Specialist - C++ - Delphi® - C++Builder® - Lazarus - All Platforms

How would you like to contribute to sustainability?

We believe in value for value and sustainability. We financially support open source projects.

Commercial developers should support the project through our ÜberPDFsdkPlus+ program, and by contracting some of your ÜberPDF™ PDF development with the ÜberDude. Seriously, we probably already have the code you need (we wrote the system). Why pay someone else to reinvent the wheel? Save your company some time and money and support the project at the same time.

If you are a not a commercial developer, please help us keep the lights on.

If you are a broke hobbyist, we understand. Why not send us a postcard and help sustain a smile?

If you can do more, Lynda and I thank you! A cup of coffee sure sounds great.

If you want to download the ÜberPDFsdk, open source project, if you can, please do your part to help cover our costs.

Thanks so much for your support!

Peace and love,

Joe & Lynda

As a ongoing supporter!

Lynda and I thank you! You rock our world!

As a supporter!

Thank you for financial sustainability!

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Due to export controls on PDF encryption,
we must verify you are not from a
country that is embargoed or sanctioned
by the United States government.

This can be done via a small paypal donation.

If you cannot help cover the cost of the
download, please email The UberDude™
along with your update notification preference.

Login credentials are sent within 24 hours

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