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We are now on SourceForge. Much to be added. https://uberpdf.sourceforge.io/


ÜberPDFsdk™ hot-fix 1.1 released!

This is a maintenance update, with added functionality.


UberPdfSdk_Pdf_Stream_GetUnCompressedDataPtr() - data source corrected and local cache reference removed.

UberPdfSdk_Pdf_Stream_GetRawDataPtr() - local cache reference removed.

UberPdfSdk_Pdf_Obj_FromObjID() - correction UberPdfSdkPdfObjH to UberPdfSdkInstanceH.

New function UberPdfSdk_Pdf_Doc_Pages_DisinheritPages() "un-inherits" inherited values (converting them to local unique values).

New function UberPdfSdk_Pdf_Obj_Import() allows the import of any indirect obj reference from one document to another. Imports fonts, images, and other data as simply as importing a page.

New function UberPdfSdk_Pdf_Stream_CatContents() returns a single content stream from either a single content stream or an array of content streams (safely concatenated). Useful for (among other things) easily converting page contents into embedable XObject XForms.

New function UberPdfSdk_Pdf_Stream_CatContentsToCStr() returns a CStr of the decompressed contents from either a single content stream or an array of content streams (safely concatenated).

New function UberPdfSdk_Pdf_Stream_CatContentsToCStrFree() frees the CStr returned from UberPdfSdk_Pdf_Stream_CatContentsToCStr().


Acquired the UberPDFsdk™ google community (without the rockdots) for those searching for us. For now, there is a pointer to the ÜberPDF™ community (with the rockdots).


Website updated a bit. Inital Snap-In-Examples posted.


Acquired the ÜberPDF.org domain (with rockdots). I need to setup the web server. Right now, it simply redirects to uberPDF.org (without rockdots).


Inital release - only 13 hours late!

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